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Where to Kitesurf in April

I know it’s May already, but I guessed it is a good time to recap my April and what I did and kited this April. I will in my list add for the moment 2 locations only, cause it’s the two that i’m really familiar with. I’m sure that there are a lot of spots …


Where to Kitesurf during Covid

This is probably a common question between kiters – Where can I go kite during Covid times? And following this question, which country has a low % of cases and good conditions to kite? And, even if such country exists, how easy is to travel there? The country I live in is a perfect example …


Where to Kitesurf in March

New month, new ideas on where to kitesurf! Here we go with the best kitespots for March. The winter is almost over, so it is normally time (or at least my time) to head back to Europe and then Egypt for the beginning of my kite safari season. So where am I right now? I’m …


Kite Spots – Where to kite in Egypt

If you are planning for a kitesurfing holidays, you are in the right place – i’ve been in Egypt for quite some years, and i’ve been around the country checking many kitesurfing spots in this sunny land. So I kind of feel ready to tell you a bit more about where to kite in Egypt. …


Top 5 Female Kitesurfer

Here we go with my list of top 5 female kitesurfers. I’ve ranked them not simply on ability, but also on attitude on and off the water and style. There is any of these girls you would like to have on one of our kite safari? Let me know and maybe one day we will …