Top 5 Female Kitesurfer

Top 5 Female Kitesurfer

Here we go with my list of top 5 female kitesurfers. I’ve ranked them not simply on ability, but also on attitude on and off the water and style. There is any of these girls you would like to have on one of our kite safari? Let me know and maybe one day we will be have one of these riders for a pro kite cruise in Egypt with kite clinic included.

1. Rita Arnaus

Rita Arnaus ready for some action!

This is my overall favorite rider. Not only very technical, but always with a positive attitude and a smile on her face, she is now entering a new phase of maturity and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her.

2. Dasha Krilova

Nice stylish jump from Dasha

A russian prorider that I had the pleasure of meeting in Egypt last year, and that I consider a friend of mine – not very well known abroad, but extremely cool on the water and very athletic.

3. Annabelle Van Westerop

Another rider with a powerful smile and a great attitude towards kitesurfing. I believe she retired from competition, to focus more on other aspects of kitesurfing – again, kitesurfing is not only making the higher jump or the cleanest trick, but it’s about dedication and being a good ambassador of the sport, and in this Annabelle hits the mark.

4. Nathalie Lambrecht

Nathalie looking cool somewhere (that’s not Egypt 100%)

She kites in my homespot, so I consider her one of my friend – excellent rider and a great smile, always in the water when she is not busy running the kite station she manages. She is trying now to climb up the ladder of the very competitive female world tour, and hopefully soon she will get a podium in one of the events!

5. Polina Lunina

A mention of honor for one of my favorite rider, now retired from competition. I rode several times with Polina and could only admire her technique and style – now she is not competing anymore, but she is succesfully running her kitesurfing company from Mauritius, a great example of beauty and brain.

Do you agree with my list? Besos