Where to Kitesurf in September

Where to Kitesurf in September

I’ve been really busy working on my kite cruises in Egypt that I didn’t have time to write a post about where to kitesurf in June, July and August. But I do have a small break from my trips, and I can now write about where to kitesurf in September. These are again my personal favorite destinations, and I do expect that a lot of people won’t agree with me. I’ve been travelling to a lot of places, but I need to admit that I’ve been going pretty much always to the same spots. Cause I like them.


September is a great month for kitesurfing in Egypt. The % of wind in this months are great, around 80%, and that’s why we organize kite safari during these time of the year (together with the rest of the summer months). The water is warm, no need for a wetsuit, and with the constant breeze is not that hot, especially during our cruises. I can promise you it’s way hotter in a city like Milan than in Egypt this time of the year. And in the cabin on the boat there is anyway air-condition, so you will have very pleasant nights and very salty days.


Often on my list, and as always not my favorite place. Crowded, but comfortable and a lot of wind – the logical destination for any european kitesurfers.


I was a kid when I first saw kiters in Porto Pollo, and I never had the chance to go kite there. In September the spot will get for sure less crowded, making it a great kiting destination for someone like me that loves kiting, but also loves exploring an island.


See above. Seems like too good to be true, and i’ve been planning for many years a trip to Sicily to visit my old friend Gabor that runs a successful hungarian kite school there. Good food, good vibes, good kitesuring. Maybe the water is not as turquoise as in Egypt, but September is for sure great to go kiting there.


I’ve never been there, but talking with Anja from Kite-Joy convinced me to put Rhodes on my map of my next kiting summer trips. Apparently Rhodes has two distinct areas for kitesurfing, one North and one South. This means that depending on the wind of the day, you will travel to a different kite spots. Sounds fun! Greek food is tasty and Anja promised me that I would not regret a trip to Rhodes. Maybe 2022?

That’s it for where to kitesurf in September, and if you have some more locations in mind, please let me know and maybe see you there soon!