It’s true than when you go for a kitesurfing adventure in the sea the last thing you want to think about is internet connection. Kitesurfing adventure means sea, wind and freedom of mind. But for many people staying connected online doesn’t only mean to be “social” and post stories on Instagram but also be able to stay connected with work issues making some Whatsapp calls or check urgent emails. During our kitesurfing cruises internet used to be quite a problem as we go far away from the coast line to the islands of the Red Sea. But not anymore!

Finallly there is a solution that actually works (and we have tested it this 2023) – it s the new Starlink system, innovative product of SpaceX, the company founded by Elon Musk. Internet connection is reasonably fast and reliable. 

Our digital nomad friends, now we are happy to say that you are welcome on board for your digital kitesurfing cruise – you can kite and work during whole week of our kite cruise. With our boat we visit the best kite spots in the Red Sea: it’s a lot of kitesurfing, but also a lot of free time to work and chill on the boat if needed. We have several tables on board, with an air-conditioned indoor saloon that is quiet and comfortable.

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