Is it safe to travel to Egypt right now?

Is it safe to travel to Egypt right now?

At the moment the situation in Egypt is calm. Tourists are coming every day from all over the world and the beaches are full of kiters. Our kite cruises are slowly getting fully booked, and we are getting ready for our kitesurfing season that is about to start in March. The war between Israel and Palestina has not impacted the tourism, but of course many of our kiters are concerned – Is it safe to come to Egypt, considering the problems in the Red Sea with Yemen? Let’s go more in details…

Where is Yemen?

We all read on the news that Yemen is attacking container boats in the Red Sea, but we need to consider that Yemen is almost 2000km from the coast of Hurghada – there is absolutely no risk for us at sea. We are also very far from Israel, and any escalation in that region will never affect us directly. Hurghada, the starting point of our kite safaris, and El Gouna (where I personally live) are very popular touristic towns that live and breathe tourism.

Our commitment (we are not crazy)

We live in Egypt but most of our friends and families are abroad – we are the first that would leave the country if any kind of problem would arise. Period.

What happens if things changes?

If you decide to book a kitesurf with us, and in the unlikely event that the conflict in the Middle east will impact also Africa and Europe, making it impossible for you to fly, we will refund you the cost of your kitesurf cruise. Guaranteed.


I will keep this page updated, with real time information – I live in Egypt and you can simply contact me if you want to get more information on the current situation from a local kiter. It’s February 2024, I just came back to Egypt from London and all is ok.

Hope to see you on board!