No quarantine in Egypt when you arrive

Good news! If you find a flight to Egypt, you will not have to endure any kind of quarantine, so you will be able to join your holidays there without any stress. Needless to say, this is making our lives much easier when we need to plan our kite cruises in Hurghada and our kite lessons in El gouna

This is indeed very good news, i’m currently having a little break in Milan and planning to go back middle of August to get started with the organization of our first Kite Safari 12th-19th September – I honestly can’t wait, I ended my winter holidays in Cape Verde and I was super motivated to get back to work (as my first kite trips were in April). They were cancelled for obvious reasons (COVID 19 pandemic was the reason, but I doubt anyone is unaware of that). I spent my lock down in Egypt, enjoying the good weather and the pool, but I was pumped up for work, not for extra 3 months of holidays. In such time I did a lot of online work on my website and quite some upgrades, but obviously it was not the same kind of work then having a great week on the boat having fun with my guests.

Anyway, we believe the world will be ready for September, surely we are!

Best regards, and hope to see you on board