Shark Attack in the Red Sea – why kitesurfers will be fine

Shark Attack in the Red Sea – why kitesurfers will be fine

Yesterday there was a shark attack in the Red Sea – a russian citizen was killed by a shark in the coast of Hurghada.

Shark attacks happen everywhere in the world, cause sharks are everywhere, in the Mediterrean, in the Red Sea, and of course in the oceans. While scary, we need to remember a few things

  1. A shark attack is an extreme rare event. Millions of people go in the water to swim every day, that’s why also a very rare event will happen sometimes.
  2. We kite in shallow waters. Max 2/3 meters deep, too shallow for any fish bigger than a sea turtle to come around us.
  3. And most importantly, I would be personally crazy to organize a kitesurfing cruise in a sea with danger of sharks. Don’t forget I’m on board with you guys, and I’m a lot in the water.

Said all this, I do understand: it is scary. Nobody likes sharks.

Our kitesurfing season in the Red Sea is going very well, with a lot of weeks planned and a lot of happy kiters. You can find all our weeks here and see if you find any trip that may fit your holiday.

Hope to see you on board!