Which are the Best Kite Safari in the Red Sea and Egypt?

Which are the Best Kite Safari in the Red Sea and Egypt?

There are a few different companies organizing kite safari in Egypt, each with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Keeping in mind that what is best for me could not be the best for everyone, let’s review the main kite safari operators and let’s see who is best, according to MY opinion. Also remember: I’m an operator myself – I will try to be completely impartial.

1. Sick Dog Surf: All you need to have in a Kite Safari

Sick Dog organizes kite safaris since 2015 with the best quality-to-price ratio in Egypt. Without compromising on boat quality, Sick Dog is well organized and with a strong European team. I’m personally in charge of Sick Dog and my philosophy is straightforward: our boats don’t need extravagant luxuries like Jacuzzis, they need to be modern, good looking, with great food and in great conditions. With a high volume of kite safaris and thanks to the ownership of our yacht, we’re able to offer more competitive prices than our competitors. That’s how I can keep our prices cheaper than the rest. Another key point – in our kite cruises, lessons are included at all level.

2. Dragonfly Kite Safaris: organized but expensive

DragonFly started organizing kite safaris only recently, but with great success. They are almost always fully booked, despite being a bit pricey. They also offer great boats, and Islam is personally in charge of every trip they make.

3. The Rider Experience: not only for kite safaris

The Rider Experience, managed by Brandon, organizes kite camps and trips all over the world, but they are very present in Egypt, especially from June onwards. Again a bit pricey, but still great quality kite safari.

4. The Wind Seekers: ideal for pro riders

The Wind Seekers led by Mostafa Abbas organize kite safari tailored for professional kitesurfers – they don’t organize many kite safaris every year, but they are normally very popular thanks to the presence of famous kitesurfers on board. Last year they hosted Ruben Lenten for example, and they managed to coordinate 3 boats on the same week, kind of impressive.

5. Yacht-Safari.com: for Russian and Ukrainian kiters

Yacht Safari with Alex and Cristina organizes kite safari mostly for the Russian and Ukrainian number. If you are from Russia or Ukraine and you are looking for a trip with ONLY Russians or Ukrainian on board, Alex is the man for you. Their trips are popular, and they are good friends, so I can for sure recommend them.

I feel confident recommending these operators – simply choose the one that fits best your holidays. Here you can find Sick Dog Kite Safari weeks calendar, and I do hope to see you on board this year!