Not only kitesurfing

We organize awesome diving trips


If diving is something you would like to try, we organize awesome diving trips. Just contact us to get started.

When there is no wind, nothing better than organize a Dive Trip! Here at Sick Dog Surf we are passionate about water activities, and we often organize customized kite & dive trips, or customized dive trips. As always, you can have the boat all for your group, or just join one of our already planned trips. Contact us at to get started!

Kite & Dive

But sometimes we do something very special – a Kite & Dive trip. We visit the best kite spots and dive spots that the Red Sea has to offer. Tawila Island, Gubal, Dolphin house, Geisum – we will dedicate our days to kite & dive, ideally using our windy days for riding and our less windy days for enjoying diving. A kite guide and a dive guide will be on board to guarantee a perfect planning and a perfect trip. Just contact us at to have our updated dates for our Kite & Dive cruises.


If kiting is not your thing, we organize 100% diving trip. Typically we travel north, visiting the classical dive spots of the north Red Sea Route.

These are the highlights or our Trip:


Ras Mohammed

SS Thistlegorm

Wreck of Abu Nuhas