Kitesurfing for Kids

Cause kitesurfing is really for everyone

Do you want your kids to try kitesurfing in a safe environment? We created a fun special course called “Little dogs” especially dedicated and tailored to our little ones. A qualified instructor will safely guide your kids into the world of kitesurfing and wind!


The first step is contacting us: we will choose a suitable date for you and for the wind (we will need a little bit of wind for the course).

We will come and pick you up and we will move to the beach (different locations are available, depending on the day and on your and our time tables).

The Little Dogs Course is approximately 1h 30 minuts long and it includes:

– Very basic wind theory (not too hard)

– Flying abilities: playing with a kitesurf (all kitesurf are specially small and adapted to kids, to keep it safe but fun)

– A diploma certifying the completion of the Little Dog Course and the belonging to the Sick Dog Kitesurfing team

The cost is 50€ for 1 kid, for bigger groups please refer to the price table below!

We teach in English, Arabic and Italian.


One on One teaching
Fun easy and Safe!
Little group
1 or more instructors
Fun easy and Safe!
Big groups/schools
Perfect for schools and bigger groups
Fun easy and Safe!


A Little Dogs course is the perfect birthday present for a kid: just contact us and we will arrange everything for you.

We will give you a very nice Little Dogs Voucher in a very nice envelope, that must be given to us  to start the lesson. After the lesson, the kid will get a beautiful personalized Little Dogs Diploma, with the certification of belonging to the exclusive Sick Dog Team! Awesome!

The Little Dogs course is not intended to substitute in any way a complete kitesurfing course. The full kitesurfing course is suitable for kids starting from 8/9 years old, depending on their level of confidence. If you think your kid is ready for a a full kitesurfing experience, just contact us and we will create a perfect lessons package for you and your kid!