Kite Safari 2023 Season in Egypt is on!

Kite Safari 2023 Season in Egypt is on!

I’m writing you directly from the boat: we had great kiting days and a few low wind days during our first kite safari this April, it’s Thursday and I can start now focus on the next trips that are coming my way. I will have a 2 weeks break where I will just chill at Makani with Wallie, clean and fix kites, and focus on my next kite cruises in May.

A few impressions from these two weeks: my group of kiters were great, they were fun and ready for a kitesurfing adventure. We kited a lot, partied a little, had a lot of food and slept. Waking up early, and taking a lot of sun.

The team performed well, as expected, with some new unexpected surprised and a new team member that I will introduce on instagram these days.

It took me two days to get into the right mood and energy, but when I’m on I’m on – so I’m ready for my next trips. But I miss my dog and I do need a bit of lonely time after the busy days on the boat.

That’s it I would say: it is always hard to explain what is a kite safari in Egypt if you never did one.

Hope to see you on board!