What is a Kitesurf Safari?

What is a Kite Safari?

A Kite Safari is a kitesurfing cruise, typically a week-long trip, where we explore different kite spots – it’s an intensive kite experience, with a lot of time spent in the water and a yacht that serves as our moving hotel. Let’s explore the different kite safaris offered around the world.


A kite safari in Egypt is probably the most popular way of doing a kite cruise. The yachts are big (between 30 and 40m) and beautiful, and we visit kite spots and islands that would be very hard to reach by staying on the coast. It’s a kite holiday for up to 24/26 kiters (in some case even more). This is what we as Sick Dog do, from March till November, since 2015.


The kite safari in Sicily is a new kitesurfing cruise idea launched by our instructor, Kasia Jaworska, a few years ago. The boats used are catamarans, making the experience a bit less comfortable but more intimate. In Sicily, we visit various spots along the coast, and on days with no wind, it’s possible to return to land for sightseeing. It’s less kite-intensive than Egypt, making it a good choice if you don’t want to focus solely on kitesurfing.


Similar to Sicily, but a more popular kitesurfing destination, Sardinia offers better wind condition and a beautiful experience. Also in this case we are talking about catamarans, with a maximum of 8 kiters on board.


Another catamaran European trip – Blessed by great winds and by hundreds of islands to explore, Greece is the logical choice for a kite safari.


If you have the budget, go for it: the Caribbeans are a great destination for a catamaran kite safari, especially during the european winter.

Am I forgetting any kite safari destination? Let me know via whatsapp +201009410388 or email info@sickdogsurf.com .