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Do I need a Covid test to enter Egypt for kitesurfing?

COVID RESTRICTIONS UPDATE – EGYPT You want to fly to Egypt for a kite safari or for getting kitesurfing lessons, but you are not sure which are the current regulations? I’ve been flying a lot in and out of Egypt in the last months, so I can answer this and more question related to a …


Where to Kitesurf in November

Winter is coming. And October is almost ending, this means, not too much kitesurfing left in Europe – let’s have a look where we can go kite this November, i’ve made my personal top 3 for kitesurfing spots this November. Keep in mind that I do like to go always to the same places, cause …


New Easter Kite Cruise – first week of 2021

It’s real! We already started planning our kitesurfing cruises for 2021, and we decided to go on a kite cruise in Easter 2021 to celebrate (Easter) in style. If you fancy a good kite cruise after the crazy year that has been 2021, just have a look here at the day to day plan for …


Where to kitesurf in October

Do you want to know which are the best kitesurfing destinations for October? With the European autumn incoming, most kiters need to think about new unusual destinations for October. Here I will list a few of my favorites – all I have to do is thinking where I’ve been in the past years in October, …


Kitesurfing Accidents

I have decided to make a post about kitesurfing accidents – it is very important to understand that kitesurfing is a safe sport, it’s for me like driving a motorbike – it is safe, unless you are driving careless. The same goes with kitesurfing, if you remember your training and respect the environment and the …


Missing Home

I’ve been travelling for the last month and a half, recharging the batteries for our September Kite cruise trip in Egypt, and I must confess I started suddenly to miss home. The sun, the constant wind, the egyptian silence, my dog and a few friends – it was fun to go out and exploring for …


Top 5 Female Kitesurfer

Here we go with my list of top 5 female kitesurfers. I’ve ranked them not simply on ability, but also on attitude on and off the water and style. There is any of these girls you would like to have on one of our kite safari? Let me know and maybe one day we will …


Top 5 biggest mistakes every beginner (but also intermediate) kiter make.

When I travel the world for kitesurfing I obviously see a lot of kiters, a lot of great skills and tricks, but quite a few of mistakes. I do sometimes need to stop myself from talking to the kiter and correct an evident mistake or just an unpolite behaviour on the water, but most of …


Top 10 Kitesurfing destinations

I’ve decided to give my input on my favorite 10 kitesurfing destinations in the world. I ranked this not only with kitesurfing in mind, but I considered also the general vibe, how expensive it is, and in general how much fun I had. My list is very personal, but at the end of the day, …


Training for the kite safari season

This year with the forced lockdown, I changed my training schedule. I was forced not go to the gym, so I simply started at home a HIIT training to be ready and in shape for the kite safari season. With the first kite cruise expected to be in September, I had plenty of time… I …

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