Learn Kitesurfing in Cape Verde

with our team – enjoy the winter in the island of Sal


We will be teaching in Cape Verde, island of Sal this winter- contact us at info@sickdogsurf.com or book online, and you will learn from one of our IKO certified instructors.

COMPLETE BEGINNER COURSE - 280€ Group Lessons / 520€ Private Lessons
INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED - 120€ per 2 hours lesson


Kitesurfing is easier to learn than you think! Under the supervision of one of our IKO certified instructor, you will learn kitesurfing in safe and secure environment.

We are giving lessons in the island of Sal, Cape Verde, at the popular spot of Santa Maria – simply contact us or book directly online and we will arrange everything: we will provide all equipment needed and transportation from and back to your hotel.

Our instructors can speak English, Portuguese, Italian, German and French, they are experienced and qualified to ensure a safe and professional environment. All lessons will be IKO standard and at the end of your course, you will receive an IKO Card with your kitesurfing level. For more info on IKO, click here.

Certified IKO instructors

Full Course Schedule - 10h

Day 0

The day before we will discuss wind condition and decide a good time to meet up. We will meet at our kite school the day after and we will move by our car to the kite area in the morning/afternoon, depending on the wind forecast. We provide all the equipment needed, so come alone or  with your friends to enjoy your kitesurfing day.

And don’t forget sunglasses and sun protection!!!

Day 1


We will start with the wind theory and you will get familiar with all the equipment. You will understand to know hazards on spot and the spot and wind conditions of the day. All safety measures and systems are explained, tested and learned.

You will prepare the kitesurf gear and learn to fly the kite indipendently. You will learn to relaunch the kite in case it falls in the water.

Day 2

You will learn to exit and enter the water independently while controlling the kite. You will learn body dragging downwind and upwind (the ability of moving in the water using the kite).

Day 3

You will get the board and learn to waterstart. You will be riding alone but monitored by our instructor. You will learn the right way of rules, in order to kitesurf amont other riders.

To know before starting

  • A classic Full schedule 10h course needs approx 3 days to complete – at the end of it typically a student is able to ride for very short distance independently and safe – further practice is of course necessary for riding longer.

  • Our prices are very competitive, with qualified instructors and latest equipment to insure safety in the water.

  • After that day, you are welcome to join us when we go kiting (for free). You will of course need your own equipment or rent some extra equipment – let us know your need and we will arrange everything for you.

  • It’s easier and you avoid having to carry around cash with you! Plus, you will help us organize our awesome instructor and make sure the equipment is ready and reserved for you!

  • Sunglasses and high protection sun cream for your face. Both very important items.

    You will be using one of our wetsuits or rush guards (if needed) to protect you from cold water (winter only) or the Sun (every day).

    Also reccomended shoes for the water – diving shoes are typically used by our students, but we do provide water shoes in case.

Kitesurfing Course Packages

Full Kitesurfing Course - Group Lessons
3 Days lessons
1 Qualified Instructor
All Equipment included
Full Kitesurfing Course - Private Lessons
3 Days lessons
1 Qualified Instructor
All Equipment included
1 Intermediate Lesson
1 Day lesson
1 Qualified Instructor
All Equipment included



In front of our school we have a great spot for teaching – pretty much uncrowded and relatively flat, it is an ideal spot to learn kitesurfing and our favorite destination.


We will be kitesurfing and teaching in the east part of Sal, close to the village of Santa Maria, at the kite spot called Kite Beach. This beautiful sandy beach welcomes every year many students and kite enthusiasts alike, to enjoy the perfect conditions that Cape Verde has to offer.