Ferry Sharm – Hurghada – News & Updates

As you may have found online, there is a ferry that used to travel from Sharm to Hurghada and back – but is this ferry still active today? The answer is NO, and the very confusing part is that google marks the ferry as operational.

The ferry Sharm – Hurghada (and back) has a long history of being not always operational. It went back to life in 2017/18 if i’m not wrong, but after 2020 (Covid times), the ferry was parked in the old port of Hurghada, where it still sits. I personally asked several times workers there: there is no plan of reopening it soon (info updated March 2023).

The ferry would be a very practical way to have my kiters come from Sharm (many cheap flights land in Sharm indeed) to our kite safaris in Hurghada to get on board for our kitesurfing adventure, but unluckly it won’t happen this 2023. I will simply update this page if there are news, but at the moment I expect the ferry to be non operational for all 2023.