Raw Elements – All there is to know – Part 1

Raw Elements – All there is to know – Part 1

In those windy days when I’m not kiting and I’m not on the boat leading our kiters to the kitesurfing adventure that we call Kite Safari, I’m normally online seeing what is new.

I started speaking with the guys from Raw Elements, and they offered to send over to Egypt some of their super cool organic sunscreen products in exchange for some of my cool Sick Dog stuff (check them here). The sun is strong in Egypt, and I do spend a lot of time under the sun. So I said thank you, and promised to test everything.

So here I am, waiting for a nice gift box to arrive. In the meanwhile, I had a good look at their website (that you can find here) and got a lot of info about them. In this article, I will just focus on their philosophy – in the Part 2, I will test their products and give my honest opinion.

The philosophy of Raw Elements

An alternative to classic chemical sunscreens – that is the main idea. Every time I travel abroad, I find myself in need of sunscreens (I have the tendency of forgetting them at home). Retail shops don’t offer though anything different than the big brands when it comes to sun protection, and I’m always a bit concerned on what exactly I may find inside those cheap products.

Raw Elements seems to focus more on natural ingredients – an organic protection against the sun, dedicated to ocean lovers. The key features are:

  • Waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No chemicals allowed – only natural ingredients
  • Never tested on animals

The Products of Raw Elements

They have a wide choice of products, I just focused a little on sunscreens. They are obviously a little more expensive than what I would find in any supermarkets in Egypt, but the quality will be different (let’s wait for Part 2 for that). My focus will be on SPF 30 and 50 – nothing less is going to save our skins from the unforgiving sun of Egypt.

That’s it for the moment, stay tuned for Part 2!