What to do in a Kite Safari if there is No Wind

What to do in a Kite Safari if there is No Wind

There are several activities planned during a kite safari when there is no wind. Wakeboard, diving, snorkeling, stand up paddle and yoga are the best way to fill a long no wind day. Let’s see them in details one by one.

Wakeboarding: a fun and action packed activity that can prepare you for kiting

Wakeboarding is a classic no wind activity at sea: we have a small speedboat with a wakeboard rope that will take you around the boat for a wakeboard session on flat water. It’s fun and easy, and good for everyone. If you have never tried, a kite safari is a great occasion to try wakeboarding. Interestingly enough, wakeboarding can be a great way to practice balance on the board for kitesurfing as well – so if you are learning to kite and there is little wind, go out and spend as much time as possible wakeboarding, it will save you time when it’s time to be on a kitesurfing board.

Diving: explore the reefs of the Red Sea

The Red Sea is one of the best dive spot in the world, so if there is no wind, it’s a great idea to dive in the water and explore the reefs and wrecks of the sea. We provide dive gear and a dive guide, that will be able to go diving with any level of divers, even full beginners that want to experience divers for the first time in a safe and controlled environment.

Snokeling: Dolphins, reefs and more

If you prefer not to dive, snorkeling can be a great alternative – beautiful reefs & turquoise waters can be explored, all you have to do is jumping out of the yacht and go for a swim. In some spots there is a good chance to see dolphins, and that doesn’t happen everyday.

Stand up paddle: Cruise around the lagoon

We have two stand up paddles ready if you want to explore the surroindings and go to the beach without getting wet.

Yoga: for you body and mind

We have in most of our trips a yoga instructor on board, for morning yoga and sunset yoga. Yoga is actually also an activity that we do when it’s windy on our upper deck on our yacht, but on the beach is better done in a calm not windy day.