Where to Kitesurf during Covid

Where to Kitesurf during Covid

This is probably a common question between kiters – Where can I go kite during Covid times? And following this question, which country has a low % of cases and good conditions to kite? And, even if such country exists, how easy is to travel there?

The country I live in is a perfect example of a welcoming country with a very low % of Covid Cases that is easy to travel to – Egypt is blessed with great kiting conditions pretty much all year long (ok, maybe January and February is a bit too cold), and all it requires to let you enter is a 72h negative PCR test. You don’t need to be working in Egypt to enter Egypt – you can go on holiday to Egypt, no questions asked. And if you need a PCR test to go back to your country, for 30 USD (or the equivalent in Euro or Egyptian currency) you will get tested in one certified laboratory (results in 24h). It doesn’t get any easier than that.

I tried out the whole process during my last kite safari, that was in April from 3rd till 10th of April. Everyone was advised that they needed a PCR test to enter Egypt, and that went easy of course. On the way back, after an awesome week of kitesurfing cruise, I had 15 person that needed a PCR test to go back to their country – as soon as we were back from our kite cruise, I simply organized 4 cars from the and we went to the testing center. It was quicker and faster than expected. There was pretty much nobody waiting to make the test, and in 1h we were all back to the boat getting ready for our last night in the marina. After 24h the results were ready, and everyone went back to their country with their negative test and with no problem. Really easier than I thought.

We have a full schedule of kite cruises for this year (you can find it here). I really hope to see you on board 😉